| FTBL Tenn still has tickets if anyone is looking


Take advantage of this unique opportunity to become a sponsor and send Factor to Knoxville for the UT game.

That's right! For just a few pennies a day, you can help send Factor, a natural-born lucky charm, to Neyland Stadium to cheer on your (and his) beloved Crimson Tide.

Not only is Factor willing to harass every orange-clad hillbilly that might act above his or her raisin', Factor promises to sing Rammer Jammer non-stop until the lights go out in that God-forsaken place or until Ol' Smokie becomes hoarse from howling along.

Also, one lucky benefactor will have a chance to receive a gift of gratitude from Factor as a token of his appreciation for such good-doer generosity. Yes siree, he ain't lyin. A genuine, Alabama victory cigar, hermetically sealed for freshness and protection, will be presented to one sympathetic donor.

Here's your opportunity to get one step closer to heaven by helping a less-fortunate Crimson Tide fan. Should you contribute to the "Let's Send Factor to Knoxville Fund," the old codger, himself, will personally make sure that rick4bama remembers you in prayer. What better way to become an eternal season ticket holder at that glorious Bryant-Denny Stadium in the sky.

It only takes a small, unselfish sacrifice of giving up an RC & a Moon Pie for one snackless day, and then sending the money you would save to this worthwhile cause.

Besides, your charitable donation is both non-returnable and tax-deductible.

So don't let fans like these


enjoy a game-day experience without the privilege of shouting "Roll Tide" with Factor.

With ticket prices falling faster than an incompleted Crompton pass, no one should accrue any hardship in order to give Factor a Tennessee weekend to remember.

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