| FTBL Stover tired of waiting

I saw some practice pics of him and he looks slimmed down. I remember last year that the talk was he was a little out of shape, and overweight. Maybe he can get the quickness back that we have heard about. At the end of the year, he was turning it up. Maybe better shape and some D1 experince under his belt, he can be that playmaker in the middle of the field to take advantage of secondarys watching DJ.
We need a number 3-2 guy. I say that because Brown had an average year. Brown and Stover will trade off this year at number 2, I'll wager. I think that we'll probably get our best win of the year on the night that all 3 of them have a big night, (see Florida 2 years ago when Pro, Hall and Brown all had a big game)I think we'll possess the ability to blow folks out early. Ought to be a ride!
i saw him play at ICC his freshman season. He has great hands. I think he was out of football shape last because he did not play his last year at ICC. I think this will prove to be a great bonus for us. He has the talent so let's see how he turns out. Can't wait!!!!
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