| FTBL Stay Safe Coach Saban.

TigerBait3 said:
If he had a sack like Les he'd fight them and then throw them into Mike's cage. Hell Les might fight Mike just to mark his territory.

That is funny, TigerBait.

Join me in wishing safety for Coach Saban and let's cross our fingers and hope that he isn't physically harmed by the lunatic fringe that are the majority of LSU fans since he has left Miami.

If he were attacked it could get ugly and I fear many LSU fans are so eaten alive with anger and hatred they would try to seriously harm him.

For instance, rushing the sidelines during the game or throwing objects at him. After the game, thousands of them may turn on him and attack him before he can leave the field.

The LSU fans aren't normal fans now, they are venom filled people who are in a type of grim trance concerning Coach Saban.

Their obsession and crazed fascination with Coach Saban is nothing short of macabre. Their hideous ideas concerning Coach Saban and what they would like to do to him are very commonplace among the Tiger fans.

Those thoughts and ideas are promoted and celebrated among the local print media and local television broadcasts, in collusion with the fans who feel the same way.

This lurid phenomenon has grown to such an extent as to make it almost acceptable to them if something were to happen to him. As if he deserved it for leaving Miami.
He said on his show Thursday night that he expected stuff to be thrown at him. I just hope the players don't get involed in trying to protect him, just let the state troopers and other officials handle it and just beat the tigers on the field.
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