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75 years of sec football.

i just picked this up yesterday.

when i first saw the cover i thought they'd done another issue about ALABAMA. i was immediately drawn to the picture in the middle of the cover. it has Coach Bryant in the middle which is why i thought it was about just ALABAMA. then i noticed that it had an auburn player on it as well. that's when i really read the title. after thumbing through it for a couple minutes i decided to buy it since it has some nice stuff about BAMA in it.

it has things like:

greatest coaches
greatest teams
coach of the decade
team of the decade
player of the decade

it also had write-ups about archie manning, herschel walker, bo jackson, peyton manning, the greatest title teams, etc...

towards the middle is a fold-out of si's alltime sec team. of course there are some BAMA greats in there. maybe you recognize some of them:

Antonio Langham
John Hannah
Lee Roy Jordan
Bear Bryant
Derrick Thomas
Cornelius Bennett
Chris Samuels
Ozzie Newsome

all-in-all i'd say it's a great buy. a definite must-have for any sports fan and definitely any fan of any sec team.

it has the same look as the special issue they did of ALABAMA that has Coach Bryant and a young Joe Namath on the cover with all the little pictures around the edge like a border.

cost - $6.99
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