| FTBL Spencer Tillman picks UGA for THIS reason?

My work must be blocking the video or something. I can only get about 9 seconds in and then it asks me if I want to replay the video :?

Can you give us a brief recap?
So the deciding outcome of the game will be because of the black jerseys and "Win one for the Munson" theme?

that was a great pregame untill the last part!! HOW LAME!!!

The gist of the video is this.

Alabama is great..blah blah blah....UGA is in black BLAH BLAH BLAH....MUNSON IS OLD...UGA is going to win.blah blah blah!!!!!
S. Tillman is a Oklahoma alum (former player). Spencer is actually prettier than my wife! O.U. does not desire facing a Saban driven machine in the B.C.S. true or false? :twisted:
Not that it really matters, but Mr. L.E. Phant is correct. Spencer Tillman played at OU. The barner you're thinking of is Lawyer Tillman.

Look, I know Bama's worked on their offense, defense, and special teams. Did they work on their munson?
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