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That was not an uncommon site by any means. Best part about John Mark was he could make Coach Stallings smile anytime he was around, no matter what. Coach Stallings always had time for him no matter what and it always showed whenever I was around them. I cannot imagine how hard it is for a parent to bury a child, especially with this kind of relationship.
Great pictures. Thanks for the link.

I know I'm a little late, but does anyone have an address where we can send a sympathy card?
I'm from Central Florida, so we weren't a "Alabama Family" growing up. But my parents came to visit one time in the spring ('95) when I was a student and I took them to the Bryant Museum. We were the only ones there. John Mark was working where you pay. He said hello to us individualy, and then walked off to do something. I told my mother who he was and his condition and that you see him around campus from time to time. My mom was pleased to hear his story, or what liitle i knew at the time.
I emailed her the other day and asked if she rememberd him and she said yes, very much so. I probably have never mentioned his name since being at the meuseum. Anyway, she remembered him specifialy. I told her he died and she was disappointed and sad, but yet happy that John Mark lived as long as he did and had such a nice influence at the school.
Point being, John Mark's life stretches beyond the "family" to people he doesn't even remember he met. That tells you that you did something in your lifetime.
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