| FTBL So who else picked UK to win?



?? :?

Got it on my pick'em. :D

And I'll tell you what. I'm not sure I'd want to play the 'Cats right now. UK has been down and the butt of the joke for a long time, but that team is playing some ball. They've improved almost game per game since the middle of last year.

Rich Brooks (who I never thought would still be there) deserve some credit for the job they're doing over there.
porkchop said:
tidentrue12 said:
what are ya'll talking about, that game was not on the pick'em

12, the UK game was in the NCAA pick'em. All SEC teams are in that pick'em weekly.

i must have not entered a score for one of the teams and then it deleted off my list after the game started.....HELIFNO :roll:


but with all honesty, i would have picked UK
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