| FTBL SIAP: Bama Young Guns Must Grow Up Quickly


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Scanned two pages and didn't see this posted.

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The article is on Page 13.

My favorite part is:

Jones, the No. 1 wide receiver recruit in the nation, has been one of Alabama’s most consistent players during scrimmages and practice. He’s done nothing to slow the hype that followed him to Tuscaloosa.

He’ll start against the Tigers—there’s no ‘or’ anywhere near his name.

“Julio did an outstanding job coming in here in camp,” said Saban, who isn’t particularly fond of singling out freshmen for compliments. “He came in shape, sustained his performance. He made plays in practice and in both scrimmages. It was evident he was going to have some role in the receivers we use quite a bit. This last week, he solidified his position as a starter.”
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