| ADMIN ⚠ Server Move, Thursday, August 18th. ⚠ UPDATE: Friday, the 19th. The migration is complete. Thanks for your patience.

In case you missed the update from the other thread (new site address to bookmark) we're moving to a new host and a different server environment. What does this mean for you folks? Not a lot, really. If all goes as expected it'll be a seamless transition with only a slight hiccup.

We'll begin the move tomorrow (Thursday, the 18th) around 9 in the morning. We'll shut the site down tomorrow and it'll remain down for a few hours until all of our files are transferred.

I'd say "we're sorry" for all the inconvenience the last few days but quite frankly it would be disingenuous. We're going to play the victim card. 🙃

In all seriousness, by Thursday evening or Friday morning all should have returned to normal—though I'm expecting the site to move a lot more quickly for you guys.
After the move it looks like everything is working on my end! Thanks.
I'm trying to break something. 🤞

It took longer than expected but that happens when we had three people working on this: Lance and I on CT and ET time zones/work schedules and our support/developer living in the UK. (IF you're wondering, no, our new server environment isn't in the UK—they have several around the globe.)

BUT...so far, you're right. Looks good from my end. It's definitely faster.
Menu kind of screwy.
The only addition/change to the menu is "Resources." That's been an option with this software for years but I never saw the need for the purchase. The "Resources" software was added with the upgrade during the move.

The landing page—if you're using rolltidebama.community.forum—is different than the forum index you may be used to seeing when you first land on the site. This landing page has always been a part of the site: it just filters all new content and puts it at the top. You can change your bookmark to land anywhere you want.
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