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I wonder if ESPN will unleash the same outrage and venom on Billy Donovan that they did on Saban?

A few local exerpts...

Billy Donovan issued a statement Thursday reiterating his intention to stay as coach at Florida.

Speculation surfaced Wednesday that the Orlando Magic would approach Donovan for its coaching opening after firing Brian Hill on Wednesday night. Donovan must still meet with UF athletic director Jeremy Foley and UF president Bernie Machen to finalize negotiations on a contract extension.

"My focus is on coaching at the University of Florida," Donovan said. "I look forward to sitting down with Jeremy (Foley) and Dr. (Bernie) Machen and finalizing a contract in the very near future." --Gainesville Sun, May 25, 2007



"I have no idea (if they've talked to my agent)," said Donovan, who is in Sandestin for the SEC's annual spring meetings. "I have no comment on that. I'm not commenting on sources. I'm not going down that road. That's why I don't want to comment because I know nothing (about it). Anybody can say anything.

"There's so much speculation and things get thrown out there," Donovan said. "I can't keep commenting on every little thing.

"With Jeremy trying to work through what he's trying to work through with Dr. (Bernie) Machen and the school, that's maybe promoted or added some Fuel to a lot of this."

When asked if he thought things would calm down when his new UF contract if finalized, Donovan said, "I certainly hope so. We have to wait and see where Jeremy is at with it all." --Gainesville Sun, May 30, 2007



Why can't anybody just accept that Donovan's contract extension has been worked out, he has agreed to it and there is a process that must be followed - including approval by the compensation committee next month - before it becomes official?

Because it makes too much sense?

Florida, Foley, Bernie Machen, they all know exactly what is going on and have a firm grip on the proceedings. It's like everybody else feels Donovan owes them an answer right now. This second.

He has already given Florida his answer. He gave it to them when he wouldn't even listen to Kentucky's offer and worked out a deal soon in between vacations to the Dominican Republic and Ireland. --Gainesville Sun Morning Edition, May 31, 2007



Florida basketball coach Billy Donovan has accepted an offer to be the new head coach of the Orlando Magic, Florida athletic director Jeremy Foley confirmed to The Sun on Thursday night. --Gainesville Sun, Evening Bulletin, May 31, 2007



I am glad he chose to leave one of the most solid basketball programs in the country to go and flounder in the NBA. UF should take a few steps back and in my book that is a good thing.
He never said "I am not going to be the Orlando Magic's coach".

That is the main thing that had the media all up in arms over Saban.
Bama Bo said:
He never said "I am not going to be the Orlando Magic's coach".

That is the main thing that had the media all up in arms over Saban.
Maybe Donovan wasn't as succinct in his denials of taking another job as Saban was...but then again, why is Donovan apologizing for lying if he didn't lie?

Donovan apologized for lying earlier this week, when he said Wednesday he hadn't been approached by the Magic. Magic general manager Otis Smith first contacted Donovan by phone last weekend.

"When someone asks to talk to you in confidence there are certain things you have to keep there," Donovan said. "Certainly I apologize because I think I've always been an up-front guy and an honest guy ... in the middle of that environment and that situation with what had happened, I had not met with them face to face, I had not talked to them face to face. There was contact made to me but I really didn't know at that point where I was at."


That statement sounds eerily similar to Saban's 'apology'.

Nope...still haven't seen any scathing attacks on Donovan's character by ESPN yet. Maybe it's more ethical to lie and jump from the college ranks to the pros rather than the reverse.
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