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My worthless .02, that is the sole reason why he was hired.

So is this Jawja's schtick this year? Play not to lose in the first half and then go dominate the second half?
They are about like a lady who doesn't shave her legs. It only happens with necessity arrives. As I literally look at the house where she lives...I also have to say she wades through swamps, snakes, and shit every day. I can't say I'd worry too much about legs when I'm about to wade through a swamp.

I can't say I'd worry too much ... when I'm about to wade through the swamp.

Almost like visiting Gainesville this year.
This kills me.

You're worried about Gus vs Bama, while saying you would rather have had Schumann, who Auburn/Gus is giving fits to right now?

This is why I avoid game day threads...I don't get a lot of stuff said.
I didn't say I was worried about Gus vs Bama. I said Hugh runs a similar offense that gave us fits. Glenn Schumann is also a good DC. I would still want him despite if Hugh will give us fits.
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