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I looked at Stubhub this morning and everything was ranging between $425-$450 a ticket. That should give you an idea on how much cash you should have on you when you head downtown.
I have seen many awesome deals on Craigslist in the last two days. Prices have fallen from a couple weeks back. Only respond to those that will give you their phone #! Seen a few pairs for 400.00 range..
You cant scalp within so many yards of the dome....It does go on there of course just not next to the stadium....

Ticket takers at the Dome can be bought off if all else fails!!!!Saw this first hand at Clem game :wink:
Some info from SEC

The Southeastern Conference reminds fans to be cautious when purchasing SEC Football Championship Game tickets on the secondary market.

Tickets for the December 6 match-up between Alabama and Florida are sold out. With many fans obtaining tickets through various channels on the secondary market, the University of Alabama, the University of Florida and the Southeastern Conference advise buyers to beware of possible counterfeit or stolen tickets.

The SEC and the Georgia Dome will be offering a "Ticket Validation Window" at the main box office of the Georgia Dome beginning at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, December 6. The authenticity of the ticket can be confirmed by a box office representative on site.

Buyers of counterfeit tickets risk being denied admission to the Georgia Dome for the game.

The SEC Football Championship Game kicks off at 4:00 p.m. ET at the Georgia Dome on Saturday, December 6.
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