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Welcome everyone one the the 1st edition Bo's RTB.com Player of the Week for the 2008 season. Those that have been around in seasons of the past will know this is not something that is voted on by members, staff, or admin. this is simply my opinion. Anyone who disagrees with my selection, feel free to do so and voice your opinion. Just remember, if your opinion differs from mine, it is probably wrong.

So, who will it be this week? Could it be John Parker Wilson whom the TV broadcast picked? John Parker had a heck of a game. No mistakes, made passes when he needed to, and best of all, showed the leadership a senior QB should. Or could it be Mark Ingram? A freshman that I told you folks after signing day would make an immediate impact. He showed the ability to run around, through or jump over the opposing defense. Look for him to do nothing but get better. Glen Coffee and Nick Walker also could have a claim to this award this week. (Nick Walker came very close to me awarding it to him).

Where all of the gentleman mentioned above could very well deserve the award this week, I have chosen to go in a different direction. I chose to go with whom I believe made the largest impact on the game. Someone I think his performance stood tall over everyone else. If you haven't figured out of whom I speak yet, then I shall let you know. This weeks RTB.com Player of the Week is none other than the man mountain himself:

Terrence Cody


Mt Cody made his presence known Saturday night very well. You can bet there are several of Clemson's offensive linemen wondering where that semi truck that was running over them came from. He made 4 tackles himself, but most of all, he showed what a true nose tackle in a Saban defense is supposed to do. And that is to take up blockers to free up the linebackers to make plays, and to get a push on the offensive line to collapse the pocket. He accomplished both tasks, and did them well. He was drawing double and triple teams all night. And he pushed the line back where pressure could be put on Clemson quarterback Cullen Harper

So we salute you oh mountainous man in the middle. Mr Terrence Cody, you are this week's RollTideBama.com Player of The Week.
Great pick Bo. He's more then deserving, he was a absolute force like most predicted. He will be a vital part to our defensive line for the rest of the season. I can't wait to see what he's got againt the SEC big boys.
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