| FTBL Player interviews...from first practice.

Nice link there! I noticed a pretty 'sneaky' smirk on JPW's face as soon as Julio and our offensive line was mentioned. Must be something good cookin' there :D

I understand CNS attitude toward the media. Did anybody catch the loaded question to javy. trying to make it an upperclassmen vs. the #1 recruiting class thing. Javy shot it down saying they are a team and once they got there they meshed together and now they are as 1. godd job Javy and damn you media guy.
I may be in a lonely boat here but I thought that was a good question to an upperclassman. Gave Javy a chance to reveal his maturity level and explain how he's coping and interacting with the freshmeat on campus.

Gah, you can just tell with these guys that they've bought into the system. I mean, you can hear Coach Saban's philosophy in every sentence they say.
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