| FTBL Petrino resigns as Falcons coach...

That's two NFL coaches to the SEC West in as many years. That is great for Arky, he looked like a very good coach up at Louisville.
I kind of called this. I said in jest that Arkansas and Michigan might be waiting for their guys...much like Bama. :?


Posted: Dec 10th at 7:39 pm
Tider 27 said:
Michigan and Arkansas could very well end up like Bama. Waiting out for a big name coach...and coming up big.

Someone touch me twice. :D
So is ESPN gonna make Petrino out to be a snake just like they did CNS? He told Mr. Blank YESTERDAY that he was staying for another year and that he was not at all interested in going back to college; and today he resigns. I bet all the ESPN imps will give him a pass. Can't wait to hear Cowherd tomorrow make excuses for him :roll:
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