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before I go the the gameday site, can a person park at Central high school? And does anyone know some good spots to park on campus or near campus, I don't mind paying a few bucks.
It's not that far. I'd say 1/2 a mile or so. You just take a right at the red light and walk straight to the stadium. Seems like it's like a 5 minute walk or so, never actually timed it though. I like it because it's convenient, it's usually fairly easy to get out of after the game, and there's always police officers at the corners all during the game. They have open restrooms. It cost's $10 to park there.
Mine is feeding you good info. It is 6 blocks to be exact.....so that's what 6/10ths of a mile. So it is indeed a little over a half-mile.

I have parked there for the last 5 years and it is the only way to go IMO. I live in Alabaster (south of B'ham) and when I leave I never really have to deal with traffic.

I run 10th AVE south to 215/Greensboro ave to 82 and head south to Centerville.
I would think that would be plenty of time to go and roam around the quad and up and down the strip. Game isn't until 1:30 so if you get there at 10 that will give you a couple 3 hours to get get your legs good and tired before going in to the game. Of course I have been to all the home games and done everything this season so you might want to get there a little earlier to make sure you get everything done that you want.

The walk of champions is cool if you want a close up of the coach and players. Also about that same time you can be on the quad in front of Gorgas Library for the band and the pregame elephant stomp.
Everybody I've ever talked to loves the idea of parking at CHS. I'm just not one of them. I guess I'm too cheap to pay $10 to walk 1/2 of a mile?

My suggestion is directly across from the University Club on Queen City Avenue. There are several businesses, such as Fitts Insurance and a salon, that don't rent out their lots on game days. It's a quick trip to the Strip and stadium, and it's super easy for me to hit Jack Warner Pkwy to get home.
I went to school there back in the day and our 1-mile run was from the corner of 15th street and 10th avenue (at the school) to the stadium and back.

BTW the $10 you pay at Central goes to help the school's students fund community service projects, as opposed to helping score a second keg by parking in Bubba's front yard two blocks over.

(With some of you guys, I bet I just helped Bubba. :lol: )
Although street parking has been a little more difficult to find this year, I've been pretty good at finding free parking less than 45 minutes before kickoff. I've only paid once, $15 a block over from the cemetary. I arrived very early for homecoming and got a nice spot on campus a block over from The Quad. If you get there four hours before kickoff you shouldn't have any trouble finding convenient, free parking for the ULM game, particularly if you have a pickup to jump a curb.


It depends on whether $10 is worth getting you in B'ham in an hour or less after 90,000+ person game. On the nights/days that I have to be back in ATL as soon as possible it is more than worth it.

I can't relate to the horror stories I've heard about traffic after the game. I never experience a bit of it parking @ Central. The only time I had any trouble with traffic was last year's Iron Bowl game. I parked over by the Biology bldg./Fraternity Row. It took me 3 hours to get to B'ham. :shock:

Parking @ Central gives you no game-day atmosphere. Just make sure and get there early enough to go to the game-day atmosphere (i.e. Quad, Walk of Champions, Pep rally, etc...).

I haven't been to a weak non-conf. type game in a while, so things might be different but normally Central is pretty maxed out 3 hours before game time. It could be different for this one though. Good luck and have a great time!
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