| FTBL Oh Hell, Blackledge is talking about food again



For a brief moment I thought I was trapped in the livingroom with my wife watching the Food Network again.

Then I snapped out of it and realized I was still watching the game. Unfortunately, today's announcers are apt to talk about food for 15 minutes out of every game. That or Britney Spears.
Blackledge rambles a bit sometimes, the other guy likes to talk about teenage pop stars...But overall, these two guys know the best grub is in T-town. They always have great comments about Archibalds and about Dreamland. Yum.
Blackledge doesn't have a clue. :lol:

I live in the South Bay area (San Pedro/Carson/Torrence) and I can tell you where the good eatin is, and it aint in Los Angeles proper. Especially if you want ethnic cuisine.

Heck, just down the road from my house in Carson is "The Golden Pheasant". It's the most authentic Chinese place I've ever been to, featuring things on the menu you've never heard of, much less seen, at a Chinese restaurant. Michelle Quan's parents own the place. It's a complete DUMP, but the food is off the hook, so they do well.

To give you an idea of the authentisity of the food, go in there and you're the only minorities in the place. When Chinese people go to Chinese restaurants in the States, they're prolly pretty good.

South/Central American food like Inca House and El Pollo Inca are some of the best in the metro area.

Thai, Viet, Phillipino and Korean places dominate the area. Carson has a huge Phillipino population, while south Torrance is basically Korea-town.

Japanese eateries along Pacific Coast Highway and in Torrance are great too.

Hawaiin (sp??) food is popular out here too y'all. It's off the hook! Take my word for it!

Brazilian BBQ is for all the carnivores out there. Basically, pretend you're at a buffet, but it's an all-meat buffet. Steaks, chops, ribs, whatever,...all cooked on skewers.

I'm sure Blackledge had some good eating of burgers, but there's a lot more out here than that. Heck, me and my family don't even eat burgers any more unless we cook them ourselves. The choices in cuisine is just off the hook and too limitless to confine yourself to going out for a burger on the weekend.
How does Blackledge eat like he does and still stay pretty trim?

I must admit that I enjoy that segment as well.

Didn't he visit some of the tailgates in T'town last year?
Tider27 said:
Not to discredit your long post Chop, I'm with the guys above. :D

Nothing wrong with that. :)
I like a good burger or steak as much as the next guy, but while out here, I'm taking advantage of the diversity in cuisine. I mean, I know it's a lot different for you rubes back home. :D It's basically collards or pulled pork every day. :p

Speaking of.....we've got a HE** of a BBQ joint out here in Torrance. These jokers smoke their ribs till the stuff is falling off the bone. It's nice to go eat there from time to time and get the "down home" stuff I was used to growing up.
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