| FTBL Netflix has released a documentary on Johnny Manziel: "Johnny Manziel’s chaotic football demise included a ‘$5 million bender’"


Personally, it doesn't "move the needle," at all. I have no interest in his story. I'm repulsed a bit thinking about his life and wonder "who would want to see this?"

Who would want to see this? A&M fans, I suppose. Fans of the CFL team he played for? I don't even remember where he signed in the league, Cleveland? That seems like a Netflix crowd. :rolleyes:

Assuming everyone has Netflix, is this something you'd find interesting?

Johnny Manziel realized a bit too late what killed his NFL career.

“Johnny Football” took the college football and sports world by storm in 2012, but his legendary partying and drinking ended his NFL dreams early.

In the yet-to-be-released documentary for Netflix’s “Untold” series, Manziel seems to tell all about the chaos surrounding his off-the-field life, including a story that involved what was “probably a $5 million bender.”

The Heisman winner also mentions that when he got everything he ever wanted “that was the most empty I ever felt inside.”

The trailer adds some more sounds bites heavily featuring Manziel, saying, “I thought I played better the harder I partied.”
I'm more interested in the Florida one that's coming out. That one seems more interesting than the Manziel one, but I'll probably end up watching it at some point. Give him credit though, he drove us crazy with how he played against Alabama. He had talent, just couldn't get out of his own way and work to improve his level of play.
This has been getting good reviews, mostly for how Manziel handled it and was seemingly honest and forthright about everything... but I haven't seen it yet. I just don't watch a lot of doc type stuff... way too many to them are poorly done and they end up being a waste of time. I had no intention of watching this one, but I probably will give it a shot. It was released this week on Netflix.
Ok, watched it tonight. Overall, I give it a B+. Manziel was indeed pretty forthright, credit to him for that. I'd chalk him up as the most athletic con man in history. His athletic career was basically just him living out his own personal Ponzi scheme... it was a matter of when, not if, it would come crashing down.

People that came off looking bad... Texas A&M (their admin and staff) for enabling him... the NCAA for showing, yet again, how inept they were/are... and most of all, his dad, who passed his entitlement down to his kid and doesn't have enough sense or self-awareness to know that it is solely his fault that little Johnny was such a fuck up (despite his attempt to blame others).

Also, watching the highlights in his win against Alabama, it is a sober reminder that it seems like more than half the time when Bama loses, it is because of some miraculous glitchy ass play and/or some out-of-body fairy tale performance. I know we all know that, just seems it gets lost in the wake sometimes.
@Brandon Van de Graaff thanks for watching and giving us all highlight of this! Now I don't have too!

It's not a bad doc, and I'm admittedly not a doc fan... and it isn't too long either, which is the main reason I watched it. I kinda want to watch the American Gladiators one, but it's 5 parts, and there's about a 10% chance I would make it through all 5 of them before I check out on it.
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