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Folks, we are now down to the final 5 laps at Talladega, 2023 College Football Edition. There haven't been many wrecks or blown engines from the top contenders, but there's always the, "Big One" in the final few laps... Let's sit back, enjoy the carnage, and pray that the #29 Tide car emerges at the finish line unscathed!
I think Dion has shown all he has in his team. His son was talk about the Heisman I bet his has drop off the list!

They played over the heads the first month, and the TCU team was a fools gold, even though most thought they’d come back to earth… they crashed into it and burned up. But Colorado didn’t have the talent or depth to sustain that. We’ll see how he does with another off season to manage the roster… I’m not a fan, but I don’t think he’s as bad or as good as some make him out to be.
I really hope some people lose today we need to lose. If we enter the final week of the season without any movement in the top 8 we're in trouble. I I'm not sure, but I don't recall a team leapfrogging to 4 without another team losing in front of them ever before.
The one good thing about 11 am games, I can go and get back home by 3 and still have a full afternoon/night of watching other games...

Saw where the Michigan car was low on coolant, running hot and barely made it to the finish before blowing an engine. A shame the Terrapins car didn't put them into the wall.
Georgia looks like they're operating as the best team in the country. Really scary what Kirby has built over there. Milroe is going to have to have another incredible game for us to win.

I think Downs will be matched up with Bowers. Front 7 is going to have to play the game of their lives to slow down the run and be able get UGA in 3rd amd long. Easier said than done too, because their Oline is physical as shit. As is our defense, which will make it a great matchup.

That SEC Championship is going to be war.
3 holding calls already on the auburn OL in the 1st half today... How many you think they'll get called for next Saturday? If the O/U was 0, I'd still take the under.
They won't call shit on auburn in Jordan Hare. It's why I always laugh when they complain about us getting all the calls every year, when no one has benefited more from egregious officiating than auburn in Jordan Hare. Still pissed about how obvious they were getting away with DPI against Metchie and Williams in 2021. The year prior they got gifted games against UK and Arkansas.
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