| FTBL Mustin aching to play

You could tell he wanted to play so bad last Saturday when they would zoom in on him on the sidelines. Could see it in his eyes and demeanor.

I don't think he will recover in time for FSU but it would be nice. Here is what CNS and Mustin have said on the upcoming game:

Linebacker Darren Mustin, who sat out the Georgia game with a shoulder injury, was the only player Saban listed on the injury report, saying it’s too early to tell if the senior will be able to play this weekend.

“Darren Mustin has made improvement,” Saban said. “I can’t say that he’s ready to play the game or that he will be ready to play the game.

“He will resume practicing, but we can’t make that decision until we see how he responds and how he recovers relative to the strength that he regains.”

Mustin said he isn’t sure whether he will be able to play against FSU.
I'm aching for him to play too. :?

That said, I want him to be safe and healthy 1st and foremost. Playing in a game isn't worth risking his future.

Heal up fast Mustin. :)
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