| FTBL Move the SEC championship Game [Nashville stadium update]

The easy thing to do is to move the game to a different venue every year. Visiting fans come to various stadiums through out the SEC for regular season games so it should not be a problem to host the SEC Championship game. Money to be made for every town. Just a thought.
The move to no divisions could be a game where UGA and UF are playing, in Dallas. How much sense does that make?
There's not a lot of home field advantage for UGA, in Athens or Atlanta.
Good point. A part of me reflexively wants to rotate the game to different sites in different states to keep it fair for all conference members.

But the more I consider it, some teams actually prepare better for games when they expect to go into "hostile territory." And for a program like Bama, who has for so long been favored in its games, I think it can have a rejuvenating and inspirational effect on our program to keep the game where it is in the back yard of ascendant Georgia. What Saban has been trying to express to BamaNation about how the feeling of relief gradually replaced the feeling of joy after victories, is apropos here. No dynasty can survive when relief replaces joy. And for this to happen, we need to be underdogs more often again.

Plus, if and when, Georgia declines, we'll be positioned again better than most other conference members by being the next closest program to Atlanta!
Are they giving conference champ game winners homefield in the 1st round or so of the playoff??? They need to give something to the winners, otherwise, coaches will be playing conservatively if they feel confident that winning isn't necessary.
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