| FTBL More and More Reasons to enjoy Saban

SABAN: “I don’t anticipate anything this week. I’m just anticipating what I’m gonna do next, alright? I’m anticipating practice today, then see how they do in practice. Then we game plan certain areas tonight, I’m anticipating that. That’s about as far ahead as I can get. Glen Coffee’s doing a good job. Terry Grant’s doing a good job. Roy Upchurch is doing a good job. All three of those guys are going to play in the game. Let’s not get too hung up on who’s going to start and all that, which I know that depth chart is like striking gold to you guys...”

Well we can let the press chew on this for a while!!
I personally like the fact that his line up in the backfield is week by week it makes the guys work harder and want it more. It is the mentality of "if I never slow down even on plays I am not getting the ball I will get playtime". Keep'em Rollin Saban!! :D :twisted: I like the fact that he has not let our more overzealous fans and press get to him.
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