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Not really sure how to word this. How do you feel about Miles as a coach? I'm sorta of the opinion that he could well be one of the luckiest men in America because he fell into all that Saban talent from the get go. So consequently the talent level he had covered for any coaching blunders on his part. Of course im sure he may have had a good year of recruiting since he has been there. Im hearing Michigan may come calling him to replace Lloyd Carr and he may take the job and im sure he is very deserving. But you can rest assured he wont be as lucky in Ann Arbor as he was in Baton Rouge. Am i delusional?
I would say he is a great coach, we all have our days though. He did walk into GREAT talent from Saban, but that great talent and those wins with that talent brought in more great talent. With that , he has won and done a great job. For example, Auburn and Tubs are in the top 10 every year now in recruiting, pulling some of what was said to be the best recruits and talent. Only problem is they do something stupid EVERY year to screw it up, just like last night. With what they pull in they should win the SEC every year, Tubs is a great recruiter, and has agreat record there, just can't get them that last step to more than 1 SEC champ, or close to a NC.
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