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Trickle Down Economics and Pigskin Prognostication

Week One - Bama v/s Clemson

Member commentary by Big_Fan

By now the term “trickle down economics” should be familiar to most Americans. The economic principle operates under the premise that when the employers have more cash, the wealth will “trickle down” to their employees; this same premise is in operation today in college football. The advances in sports nutrition and weight training that were once the sole property of the professional ranks has found its way into high schools around the country. A mediocre high school team of 2008 would likely take the best teams of 20 years ago out behind the woodshed. My own AHSAA 3A high school team is a good example of what would not work in 2008. On the way to a perfect 10-0 season and a three game run into the playoffs, our offense averaged around 40 points per game and defense posted five shutouts - it was a powerhouse program that posted over fifty victories in five seasons. During that time we had a number of players move on to division II football, and one or two D1A signees who never made an impact at that level. Our starting offensive line averaged less than two hundred pounds per man, yet we had two tailbacks rush for two-thousand yards in an offense that utilized trap blocking and a lot of pulling. While we had a number of players with squat and dead lift numbers that were respectable, it was nothing like what is seen on high school campuses today, and our 12-0 team would be lucky to post a .500 record in 2008.

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