| FTBL man yall, i just made a stupid bet

Hey just wanted all yall to know about the bet that Is going on as we speak
between Shawn Martin from Rainsville Alabama and Andy Armstrong from Rome Ga. Shawn is a Bama fan, Andy is a Tennesse fan and the bet is if Alabama can beat Auburn and Tennessee , Andy has to change his whole profile from Tennessee to Alabama , and if Alabama loses either game between Auburn or Tennessee then Shawn has to do the same . Now that means everyting about the profile songs, pics, colors, and everthing.
And the loser must also watch every game and cheer for that team! The Loser must also have to wear the other teams shirt and hat and post them on there myspace profile.
Game on! BET ON!!!

Bama better come through for me,lol, me and him posted this somewhere else, do you guys think this was a stupid bet or not
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