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Hello Bama fans, I hope I am welcome here. I wanted to visit before our respective championship games and convey my respect for the tide.

I respect your style of football; hardnosed, physical, determined, smashmouth football. I respect your coach. I like his attitude and his steering the team to an undefeated regular season in only his second year. I also respect the kind of fanbase that you have.

I think alot of Soonerfans would like to play Florida because of a perceived similarity of style. I would rather see how we perform against your defense, and prove how physical we can be. Also, I really hate every team in Florida. ALL of them. Not to mention, I would to see that much crimson and cream on the field at once.

I do however, strongly disagree with the perception the we have a total lack of defense. After all we are the same Oklahoma that showed our strength for many years in the big eight. Defense is a tradition at Oklahoma. Things don't always go as planned though, do they?
thanks for dropping by, glad you like our message board.

I have a lot of respect for Sooner fans and OU too. You've got a great tradition of winning and class there, kudos for that.

Good luck in your conference championship game.

Roll Tide!
We have a few that aren't OU fans, but by and large most Alabama fans have a lot of respect for OU.

That respect goes back for years with an solid understanding of your tradition.

Personally, I've had some good times in Norman. I still want to give the University's golf course another shot. She didn't eat my lunch...but tried to on a few holes.

Welcome aboard...hope you stay awhile!
srollins said:
by the way, what your OU defense did to Texas Tech's "high-powered" offense didn't go unnoticed.


Thats good to know. Its not easy to keep Harrell crapping his pants for sixty minutes.

Im not stupid enough to claim Oklahoma doesn't get enough respect, but nationally it seems no one notices the turnovers we cause or the havoc we can cause for qbs.
Welcome to the site!

More than any other program that is NOT Alabama, I like, respect and enjoy watching Oklahoma.

I hope both of our teams win the game this weekend! If so, see you in the BCS game!
Welcome to the board I respect the tradition at OU but I am no Stoops fan by no means Good luck with your game coming up. Who knows we might be seeing you in the BCS CG
nomercypercy said:
Number1TideFan19 said:
I love OU.Except for this year.I'm 1,000% bama. I have no room for any other teams this year! :wink:

So you're one of those fans are you? :roll:

Hey now! I've always loved OU because my Uncle(A HUGE BAMA FAN) went there.He loves um.It's just a famil thing
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