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why has the linebacker play declined week after week. The staff can not seem to find the right combination. I realize Mustain was hurt for a couple of games, but Prince has not played like last year at all. The true freahman started with a bang but I am not sure he has even been on the field the last two weeks. We new going in that the front line was thin and all figured we could make it up with the linebackers. This has not happen IMO. I realize that we are doing alright against the run but there are to many big runs right up the middle. What do y'all think.


I HATE tn.
Good offenses which watch film work can pick up keys to run stopping linebackers like Hall ,and Mustain, because they are a little slow to react in run coverage, if they over run out of the play(over run it because of lack of speed) and get blocked back side.
Offenses also use tricks on inexperinced linebackers such as Knight and McClain thru film work, but they can recover somewhat with their speed.
The problem again is our guys up front can not really disrupt enough to help linebackers either, and as the game goes on it shows with our tremenous lack of depth on defense. We basically have only 3 guys in our front 7 who are sec caliber players. Saban needs 2 yrs of at least 4 star recruits on defense, and its in the works now. RTR
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