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I feel ya man. I am in Florida as well. My dad is a Gator fan. Cant wait for us to beat Auburn....then move along to Florida. Seems like everyone wants to look past our next game around here. Forget Florida guys. We got to kill that streak one and for all.

Welcome to the board though :)
Welcome aboard. Post often.

St Augustine claims to be the oldest city in America if my memory is correct. A great place to visit and stay. I have a first cousin living there. I hope you never have to drink the sulfur water. :D
St Augustide said:
Wanted to say hello and ROLL TIDE in my first post.

Oh Yeah, and I hate Florida and I'm surrounded by them. Be glad that you guys in Alabama only have to put up with the Barners.

Been to St. Augustine a couple of times and really enjoy the area. We lives in Cocoa Beach for a few years.

Welcome to the site.
I never drink the sulfur water. Just water my grass with it. My great grandmother never drank anything but. She claimed that regular and bottled water was bad tasting. Guess its what you are accustomed to.

Thanks for the warm welcome.
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