| FTBL Injuries continue pt. ? : Clemson back-up, now starter...


...Cumbie, the player 2nd on the depth chart behind injured Jackson, broke his hand yesterday.

Not THAT big of a deal with a DT...but, as any lineman will tell you being able to get your hands on an OL means a world of difference.

Starting defensive tackle Rashaad Jackson had knee surgery to repair a torn quad tendon. He suffered the injury in Saturday’s scrimmage and Dr. Larry Bowman performed the surgery in Seneca, SC on Tuesday afternoon. The surgery was successful, but Jackson will be out until at least the middle of the season.

Jock McKissic was back at practice after missing Monday due to a slight concussion. Freshman Matt Sanders missed the practice with a mild concussion. Brandon Thompson has a broken hand, but continued to practice. Jamie Cumbie suffered a broken hand in Tuesday’s practice ,but will be full go on Tuesday after he has a cast applied
I know one kid got his hand stepped on and broken, I think thats Cumbie that you mentioned. And then another backup broke his hand in a fight. He is a DL too.

I can't say this isn't good news for Bama's OL with only 17 days to go.

Also, seems like Clemson is still shuffling LBs. Found that interesting.
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