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So after you trounce ole miss, and you will, you get to play against every one of your favorite coach. "Ol Bushel Bricthes","The great Pumpkin" .....you know CPF as we used to call him before his fall from grace a few years back. I have learned alot about Alabama football this year and have come to enjoy the rivalry as well as the good football chat I get on here. So I wanna be the first to say Good luck to you guys this year. Even though we are having our worst season of the last ten years I think the game will be a little closer than last year. Do I think my Vols will win?.....Naaah but I can hope so. Unfortunately the only wo things that can come outta this season are we become a "spoiler" team for someone...hint hint...or we get rid of you know who. Either way I am sure it will be exciting as always. I am anxious to see what the predictions are and I look forward toall of smack talking next week.
have a great day, good luck and Go Big Orange...and
Roll tide when your not playing TN.
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