| FTBL I know Jamarcus Russell is from Alabama


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But why is he wearing a necklace with "Bama Boy" and a Big Al on it? I mean, hey, we all love the Tide, but the guy went to LSU and they are winning the National Title!!!!!! :D

Roll Tide Jamarcus!
He wears it all the time, he's from Alabama and it stems from that. He is close with Saban though (and Wallace Gilberry), so he might have some love for us as a school as well.
Anyone notice the Jamarcus Russel interview

During the NC game did anyone notice that during the half time interview with Jamarcus Russel, he was whereing a chain that said "Bama Boy" with the crimson tide elephent in it? I know hes from Bama but why the elephant?
planomateo said:
this isn't the 1st time he has been spied with that necklace. he wore it last year too when he was still playing for LSU.

Right. I had to check the date on that first post to see if it wasn't from last year.
crimsontradition14 said:
Maybe its something that he got when he was a kid and its like a good luck charm. Even if it is a good luck charm that is kind of a smack in the face.
I doubt that he got it as a kid. It probably cost more than both of my cars.
I am checking from work and don’t have time to search for any pictures of this, but I would love to see one if any of you gurus know where one can be located. Please, it would make my day!! Thanks!
The first time he was seen wearing this it was at the draft last year. He had the necklace made for him. FWIW, there was little doubt he wanted to leave the state when he was recruited and he didn't want to play under Fran's offense. (can't say I blame him) He did visit under Price...a little late, to say the least.

At the draft...


Close up...

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