| FTBL I know Jamarcus Russell is from Alabama

TerryP said:
The first time he was seen wearing this it was at the draft last year. He had the necklace made for him. FWIW, there was little doubt he wanted to leave the state when he was recruited and he didn't want to play under Fran's offense. (can't say I blame him) He did visit under Price...a little late, to say the least.

At the draft...


Close up...


Thanks Terry! WOW! What else can I say??? There is NO denying THAT! Just WOW.

"Bama Boy" and the elephant head represents a recording company in Mobile. The group is called the "Bama Boys". JR knows them and may be involved with them financially. That piece of jewelry was created by them and a local jeweler for JR. It is not about the U of A nor the Crimson Tide. It's about rap music.
This must be like "OGs" using Masonic symbols. They're not masons, they just use their symbols. Bama Boys might not be fans, they're just using BAMA symbols. Makes perfect sense.
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