| FTBL Hey gang, regarding the NCAA pick'em



Hey gang, I went in last night and added the games but there was a typo that I have since corrected. If anyone went in last night and made their picks you might want to go back and edit your Notre Dame vs Purdue pick. I accidentally input it as Michigan vs Purdue.

It's been fixed to show The Dame vs Purdue. Just make sure you go back and edit your pick on that game. Sorry guys.
I can't believe I'm doing so well. :D Conversly, on the NFL pick'em I'm stinking it up pretty bad. :( I think I'm sitting at like 20-13 or something on picks. Not real hot.

But hey! Y'all didn't see some of them losses coming either! How many of you predicted Cleveland over Cincy, or that S.D., N.O. and St. Louis would be so bad right now? I've probably lost 75% of my games on those jokers.
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