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I was flipping through the channels last night and caught a glimpse of the words "Tide" in the background and I flip back and it's a program about Mike Shula and his experiences at BAMA and throughout football and his walk with the Lord. It was a great program really. Mike Shula is truly a BAMA man. He loves the university. The second part is on sometime later, I didn't catch a specific time. Anyone else seen this?
Re: I didn't know coach Shula

BamaSteel said:
But it bothered me quite a bit that he would shout the f bomb quite frequently. I wanted to see some excitment out of him but that was about it.
Nobody's perfect, and just because you curse frequently doesn't mean you're not a Christian (I hope!)Being a Christian is about TRYING to be Christ-like. It's an unattainable goal.
Mike Shula is a class guy and I wish him the best.
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