| FTBL Harmon likes Alabama!

Here is Spencer Tillman's take on the UA/UA game this week.

I really like Tillman and he usually is right on the money. He predicted us two years ago to win big over UF and we all know how that turned out. ;tr
I hope its not a false sense of security, but yeah, a lot of people are picking Bama, media outlets. Actually, I don't remember seeing a Arky yet.

I think about it simply. We are better than last year, their defense and passing game is worse than last year. We had them beaten last year, we played in Fayettville last year. we have it at home and with a better coaching staff and way better running game. all those in favor of us. ....? :wink:
It doesn't surprise me that Bama has been picked by so many to win this game. You guys are at home, have a better passing game than the Hogs, and have played one game more than us which has given you more time to work out weak spots in your game.

Regardless of who's ranked higher or who's favored to win, it's going to be one heck of a game. I just hope one of the Dick's(Casey or Nathan) can play well enough to take the pressure off our running game and open up some touchdown running lanes.
Go4Bama said:
Nate said:
I honestly think Vandy is the better team

Yeah I think Vandy is better than Arkansas also
I thought about that before the game, but Vandy was disappointing... maybe bama's nasty defense and our consistent ground game have to be much, but stop this wild Hogs running game tomorrow will be the absolute key. If we stop the run, we're going to own this game... That's simple. :lol:

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