| LIFE Going be having Surgery on Jan 27th.


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Doctors can do Hellish things to a body. Hang in there.
Hopefully, you are in recovery mode by now. Praying for complete healing for your body.
The doctor had to do to get that bad boy out.

Mike each day I get up I better, walking, breathing treatment. Now waiting for my drain to get lower now.


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I want to tell you all sorry for the mess up post on here. I on some heavy pains med the last few days. Last Friday I went to the ER with Chest pains in my whole chest and stomach area. After a lot of blood work and X Ray, and a CT scram. Lucky I wasn't having a heart attack. So on Jan. 27th, I will be having outpatient to remove my gallbladder. Right now my liver is enlarger also and as we know that gallbladder is behind it. I'm on a bland diet so this will help my liver to get it smaller. I would like prays or what you like to do for the Doctor and hospital. Tanner Health System, Carrollton, Ga. The doctor is Dr.Lewis.
Also, this is who is responsible in case he messes up. ;)
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