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Could Rich Brooks' Wildcats pull off the upset against Alabama?

Kentucky at Alabama. This is the LSU Opportunity all over again for the Wildcats -- who are undefeated themselves and lead the nation in scoring defense. A year ago they caught LSU coming off a hugely emotional and physical victory over Florida and upset the Tigers. Now they get the Crimson Tide coming off that statement game at Georgia. The big differences this time: Kentucky is on the road, offensively challenged and facing Nick Saban, not Les Miles.
and our boys didn't find that game as emotional as the pundits did. They were calm and cool all the way through the beatdown. I believe they are a team on a mission. Kentucky is just in the way right now and next inline for a beating. Remember this Kentucky......it aint personal it's business. And Business is GOOD!
I remember Saban talking about his 03 season at LSU and one of the things he mentioned was at the beginning of the season he had the team sit down and come up with some goals. He was very impressed with what they come up with. #1 was to play as a team. Not win the MNC or the SEC....play as a team. He went into one of his diatribes about the importance of teamwork and how their other goals were about being physical and dominating,etc.

The basis of it all was that if they did the goals that they set out for themselves...everything else would fall in place. This team seems to be shaping up to have the same type of identity that the 03 LSU team had. We see a lot of unselfish play and unity amongst our players. We heard it all summer long during "voluntary" workouts and how our freshman came in with the right attitude about earning a position on the team and not expecting or coming in with a deserving attitude.

I am by no means putting the cart before the horse, but if our team stays focused (which I think CNS can keep them grounded fairly easily) then everything else will take care of itself!!
i'm not saying that Kentucky couldn't beat Alabama. As anything can happen. But don't start putting the cart before the horse. Kentucky is 4-0...yes, but look at who they've played...and also remember the many many years that they've gone 4-0 to start the season, only to flop to a 4-8 or 5-7 record.

Same with Vandy....and even Alabama....we're just now entering October and there's still a loooonnngggg season left to go.
I can give you the insight from here in Wildcat land. Most folks feel they are in for an outright whipping come Saturday. A few think they can hang in the game with us.
I think Saban finally has our boys in the right mindset this year.

It will be a long ride back to Lexington...

Their defense looked good against four cupcakes (yes, Louiville has made it to cupcake land this year)but that D will not look so great matched up against ours.

Their offense is pathetic at best and will flounder against the Tide D.

We can't overlook Kentucky, but the Tide should handle them easily.
I have not been impressed with KY this year. I don't see them posing much of a threat. I am really not too worried about a let down because of the results of the second half last week.

I am quite concerned with Ole Misery though they will be tough IMHO.
20-14 over MTSU. And it was a amazing catch to the 1 that almost cost them. Nolfork State? And we all know what Western KY is about. Quility wins..0. Bama at home, Saban on the sideline and already battle tested.

I'd take Bama and the points, and it has been many years since I can say that comfortably.
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