| FTBL Gameday....its kinda interesting!




For 4 weeks (including this weekend) they have or will show 4 games. Every game except for the USC and OSU game have had at least on SEC school. And next week they will be in Georgia (if we win and UG wins i will bet a ton of money they are there)
So that will make 7 of 10 teams from the SEC. College gameday should just shut down and move to the South!

How many more weeks will gameday be in the south?
Rest a weird thought! :)
I say every week!!!!

OT: Have any of you watched PSU this year? My buddy is a big fan and we've watched a couple of games and they look impressive. I think they got a shot at the Big 10 if they can stay outta trouble.

Back on topic: It'll be interesting to see where they go. If PSU doesn't jump in the polls any, so far they haven't, I'd bet they'll be in Athens.
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