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Very good move by the staff giving him this honor. If you take the season and what the record is...take the game is against Auburn...all the factors that lead to the emotions the fan base is going to feel going into this game you have a very fired up crowd.

Now, add Stacy. We all know his story. Suddenly, at kickoff, that emotion is going to reach an entirely new level. As if the "heart" of every Alabama fan wasn't going to be into this game before now...guys, this is really going to tip the scales.

Seriously. Dwell on it for a minute.

Heck, no matter how you slice it...it will have an effect on the visiting fans as well because most of them know the story as well.

After dwelling on it...can you picture it? Feel it?

All I had to do is read the title of the article in the news this morning and it moved me. So emotional it is difficult to even type this. God Bless Siran and Roll Tide!
TerryP said:
After dwelling on it...can you picture it? Feel it?

Yes I can. Great post Terry. Even better news.

This is what Alabama football is all about.

This is a chance for another defining moment, one more epoch in this storied tradition.

God bless Siran Stacy and God bless Alabama Football.
You know I was just thinking this week about who and how Alabama could possibly top Tyrone Prothro running out the ball in 2006. I just put it aside as a nice thought and a "can't be done".

Wow! For those of us with any emotion this just did it. :shock: I can't even imagine a better choice. It will be jumping with emotion on Sat. I have chills now thinking about it. Powerful is the only word I have to describe the moment.

Siran is an inspiration for us all. I still hurt for him. To watch someone go through what he did and to continue on...wow. It makes you realize life isn't fair, and you can't always understand God's ways.

God bless you Siran. I'll be there cheering you on all the way on Sat. I just have to try not to lose my voice in the pre-game. :)
This story was such a tragedy. It actually happened about 20 minutes from where I live. For him to be there Saturday at the game, just gives me goosebumps and I am sure I will cry at the stadium Saturday as well. God bless him for remaining so strong after his horrible loss.
:( As bad as a wanted to..i just couldn't watch the entire interview. I got 1/2 way and closed it.

God bless him. to loose so much at once...having lost a lot in my life personaly i can relate to Siran, But nothing including standing there holding my mothers hand as she past can compare to this. And i consider that the hardest thing i've ever gone through. I'll never know how he makes it through the day. His faith must be beyond belief.
rolltyroll said:
What an amazing individual. I don't know what else to say...God bless him and his daughter.Roll Tide, Siran! :cry:

Man...What an honor it will be to have Siran running
out with the team! May the Barn fall beneath his
Courage pride and Faith!
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