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joenamath'sknee said:
I just filled it out.
I found it funny that 61.2% of people would rather have Ole Sweater Vest getting their team ready for the big game compared to 38.8% for the Hat.

I voted for sweater vest.

Everything else was pretty much in line with what I voted. Clearly the SEC was tougher. Even the nation sees that OSU's schedule was ...well......not that hard, and that LSU had the tougher row to ho. OSU will likely be back in the BCS before LSU (IMHO) due to their youth, the conference they play in, the media blitz, Kirk Herbstreit and ESPN propping them up and their coaching. Not becuase they are a better team right now.
I was right along with the votes... thats hilarious that everyone mostly thinks LSU is by far the better team, but everyone would rather have tressel as their coach... Tells you a lot about Miles.
This one confuses me...

7) Which team is more likely to return to the BCS next season?

51.3% LSU
48.7% Ohio State

I think the chances are much better for Ohio State to play in the Rose Bowl next year, than LSU winning the SEC again, right? Even if you are thinking "at large" bid, and I know the SEC usually gets one, but that would mean LSU finished at least second best in the SEC. Isn't second in the SEC harder to do than winning the Big 11?
4) Which team played a more difficult overall schedule?

92.6% LSU

7.4% Ohio State

--But if you live in Ohio...trust me no one has a tougher scheudule than those poor buckeyes...and they say that "everyone hates them" :roll:

Its like my mom said- 'bout time they got the hint.

This is my favorite answer though--

9) Which was the better conference this season?

89.4% SEC

10.6% Big Ten

SEC all the wayyyyy! :D
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