| FTBL FSU Vs. Bama

gary funderburk said:
Anyone here going to that game and if so we need to start making plans to tailgate and such. I know it is a ways away but this is a big one for me. Lets get it rolling.

I don't have tickets but I have already scheduled that day off from work and will be leaving T-Town on Thursday night.

I made the promise to myself I will attempt to go to every away game this year and the only one I'm having problems with is Ole Mrs.
I plan on going with a Florida State fan friend of mine from work. What is funny about it is that we are staying with a Tennessee fan who lives in Jacksonville. I would LOVE to beat both of their teams this year, especially UT.
me and a bunch of my cousins, their wives, friends, etc. are going down there. one of my older cousins has a band in jacksonville and they are like THE band down there. if anyone likes to go out the night before the game he and his band put on a great show. they are called "The Wes Cobb Band". yall should go check'em out. not sure where they will be playing yet.
I'll be there with my wife (met at Bama) and my mother and sister who are FSU grads. Driving in for the day from Orlando.

All you Bama fans coming from in Alabama, you should have a fun ride. All the Auburn fans will be traveling to Gainesville and FSU fans driving East from Tally. I-10 and some of I-75 should have some bumping and grinding on Friday and Saturday.
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