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Mods, feel free to move this. I put it here because it gets the most traffic. I received a PM this morning from Proud Tiger about Meg. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers as they prepare to deal with all of this.

Proud Tiger said:
You asked me last November to keep ya'll informed about Meg Ingram. There wasn't much to report since then. It was a continuing struggle as they tried different forms of treatment and chemotherapy. It looks like nothing is going to work and I learned in church this morning she has now been admitted to the hospital here in Huntsville "to keep her comfortable." It looks like the end is near barring Divine intervention. You may want to share this on the board and ask prayers for Meg and her family in these trying times. Thanks.
My sincere prayers go out to her and her family. The Lord reveals himself in strange and wonderful ways. Who knows what the future holds for her or what her legacy will be. We can only pray that God's will is done.

I am so sorry to hear about this. Thanks for the update.
Prayers sent.

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Meg Ingram lost her battle with cancer this morning.

Email was just received. Please think of this family as you go through your day.

Proud Tiger said:
With tears in my eyes, I wanted to let you know that I just learned that Meg died this morning after her long battle with brain tumor and cancer. At least she is now at peace with her Lord.

Proud Tiger


They've been in my thoughts and prayers this week but mainly today. I just really felt God kept bringing up her. I had no idea why. I don't even know her. I'm so heartbroken that this young girl is no longer with us.

I pray for strength for her family. They will need so much comfort and grace. God be with them.
I was able to meet Meg at the womens SEC baketball tournament in Arkansas a couple of years ago. She was a cheerleader and I was in the pep band. I was only able to be around her for a short period of time, but she had a very friendly spirit. My thoughts are with her family.
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