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I have already upset a few so check this out. I was somewhat aggravated about all the Saban's players nonsense. I decided that instead of doing homework, I would look into this debate...
I am coming to you bammer folk to put my foot in my mouth, slightly. I looked up the 2 drafts after Saban's first year and the 2 drafts after Miles's first year. Well the results dissapointed me. I thought Dinardo had done a better job recruiting, but I was wrong...
Between the 20001 and 2002 NFL drafts, 6 Tigers were drafted. Of those 6, I think Josh Reed, Jarvis Green, and Robert Royal are the only ones still in the NFL.
Between the 2006 and 2007 NFL drafts, 12 Tigers were drafted. It looks like 7 remain in the NFL.

So touche, I went looking for an argument and was wrong and will put my own foot in mouth. See Im not THAT bad
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