| FTBL First trip to BAMA

Some of you locals help tigerfan out with his request. He's brought some substance to this board.

Not sure if Lenny, Porter, and others have seen this, so here goes it.

Aight as for food heres my suggestions

For good food at a reasonable price Cypress Inn (its on the river) steaks,chicken,and Im sure exactly what you would want seafood :lol: (this is where all the Tv crews and gameday crews go when they are in town) White BBQ sauce chicken is next level!

Of course there is Dreamland for Ribs! The orginal is the place to go to get the actual feel. (they have a new one on the river with an extended menu) Ribs and white bread only at the original

If you looking for Burgers- MUGSHOTS its downtown an is one of the better burgers youll find anywhere.

Bars- My suggestion is the Houndstooth (its on the strip and was voted best sports bar in the country by SI last year) for late night the downtown area is the place to be. This section is a newer more frequented bar area with numerous choices. (Coppertop, Innisfree, Wilhagens, and 4th and 23rd are all solid choices)

Any other questions Ill gladly give ya tips on
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