| FTBL Espn Article about Saban ( SEC MEDIA DAYS)

Wow an over flowing A-day game? :lol:

I thought coming out and supporting your team is part of being a fan of said team? Or did I miss the memo?
LOL I find it hilarious how they make it look as if it is ridiculous that people in Alabama want Saban's autograph instead of Urban Meyer's...I'm sure if it was in Florida, it would be the other way around...weeeird
680 the fan is broadcasting live from SEC media days this week and they said that it was strange that the major story yesterday was Alabama and Nick Saban. That is because Florida and Urban Meyer were also scheduled for yesterday. They said everyone was lined up to talk to Saban and was pretty much acting like Meyer wasn’t even there and hadn’t won the National Title last year.

ESPN still has a lot of egg on their face after making statements that Alabama football was no longer relevant last December. They took a lot of joy in their piece about all the coaches that were turning Bama down and then when Bama’s top choice accepted the job, it really made them look stupid. How dare a top tier coach like Saban take the Alabama job when ESPN had already reported that Bama couldn’t land a top tier coach? Don’t people realize that after ESPN says something, it’s up to the rest of the world to behave in such a manner that we make whatever ESPN reports turn out to be true?
I think having all the media in one place and again having him, quickly, explain his job switch, was beneficial. I chuckled when he said in response to the obligatory $4 million question - "Y'all never mention I took a pay cut".
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