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cowherd on the ESPN presentation of the Syracuse vs. Washington game? he was terrible. he has been hyping his appearance all week, and he added absolutely nothing to the telecast. it was really hard to listen to. i recommend listening to his show on Monday just to hear how he might spins this.
I posted a couple of times regarding him and good gravy....he is just out there. Chris Speilman of all people (because he's really smart :roll: ) was just ripping Cowherd back and forth! You could see the exchanges in the booth at times where he and McDonough would just look at each other after some of Cowherd's statements. :lol: they're like, "what the ********* did he just say"? They're rolling their eyes. :lol:

This guy is the fluff factor. He's the Dennis Miller/Tony Cornheiser of MNF. He'll never last because quite frankly he's an idiot and has nothing to offer. But for now he's one of ESPN's boys and they'll try to prop him up.

Cowherd's most intelligent line of the night was something like, "they seem to have given him a nice spot".

That's what this guy brings to your telecast. :|
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