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Quite a few schools have had it for years and no major legal issues I have heard about. The biggest issue for me, is the people spilling it on me. At least with the flasks, they sneakily drink and are not just flinging their cups around.
Well. I am all NO. ...................
But i have to admit that neutral site games where they sell beer I haven't had a problem but have seen problems. But have seen problems with drunks and those sneaking liquor in at BD ..............I go for the game. I hate cell phones, drunks, obnoxious fans, rap music, etc at the games. Well. Just the new things I guess...... 2020 probably be my last season tics anyway...........
there are some unseen losses as far as people who will no longer go to games due to bad experiences with drunks. Taking kids to a game has become a bit risk for exposure to all that. It is certainly worse than when I was a kid. All this occurred without legal beer sales in the stadium. As much as I enjoy the sauce, I would agree that it is a bad idea to have legal sales in the stadium.
Behavior issues are always getting worse, but people are going to drink, too much. Ballgames are like a fisherman, when they hit the water, it's more of a birthright.

Which reminds me, my wife and I got on a plane early in the morning and a flight from Jacksonville was coming into B'ham. We were running late so we had to grab what seats were left. Turns out the last 2 seats were separate and the one seat everyone was avoiding was occupied by a roaring drunk and his wife. So I had to take what was left (never did the first come first serve thing again). Less than an hour later, in the air, he was still raising his hand with 20 dollar bills in it and the crew was still serving this obnoxious drunk alcohol.

Now, this dude is acting a straight fool and even with his wife's insistence, I think fearing for his health, was trying to keep him under control. One hour in, it was him or me. The last straw was this guy slapping the mag I was reading out of my hand. So I thought out of courtesy I would warn the stewardess, one more time, it would really be in the best interest of everyone if they find me another place to sit and quit serving him drinks when he was now blind drunk. The fact that I had my hand on the back of this nitwits head when I explained this may have done it, but who knows. So I sat in the back with the stewardesses and it was really very comfortable and most of all they quit serving this raging alcoholic drinks. I tried to make it clear to the help that the biggest problem for what happened was on them. He was drunk when he got to B'ham and they kept serving. They were young and just giving in.

Just to say, it doesn't have to happen at a football stadium, though I could tell the same stories the rest of the day. Feeding the beast always makes it worse, no matter where it is.
I know Georgia Tech does it in their higher donor sections. I see Georgia is now offering the service to donors of $250,000 or more and offering to those over $100,000 as well. I know Alabama has lockers where you can put liquor on a Friday and drink in there during a game, so that's a little different than the current proposition.

Some may look at me negatively after saying this, but honestly I don't care. They say the difference between NFL fans and college football fans is that college football fans have careers and NFL fans have jobs. I take that as meaning that college football fans are a little more reserved, passionate for their school because of the dues they paid to earn what they have, have more to lose, and simply behave better because they're educated for the most part. I do not see a college game getting as bad as you see a lot of NFL games, where a fight breaks out in the stands between fans of the same dang team. That's not to say "never", but I think the chances of it happening are much less in a college event than a professional one. At Alabama the student sections are simply fenced off from the rest of the stadium, and if I'm not mistaken, once you're out of the student section you cannot come back in say you're meeting your parents yadda yadda in their seats. Allowing sales elsewhere would not affect the students. NOW, that's not to say I want some drunk asshole sitting beside my kids and me, but I also feel most fans I've been around and seen are fairly tame compared to some of the horror stories we saw at the Georgia Dome and places like Mercedes Benz while playing Georgia. I personally don't mind the selling of alcohol, but I also reserve the right to drop a guy if he infringes on my space and ability to watch the game. And to be honest, if it can create some revenue so ticket prices and bullshit like that quit increasing, I'm all for it. I'm sure they will earmark zero dollars of that anything price related to season ticket holders and still try to rip our fillings out, but it sounds good to make money.
My thoughts are this, the folks that are going to get stupid drunk do that in pre-game and then sneak in a flask or whatever and keep it up

Selling beer to 21 and over crowd at a couple of select concessions for 9, 10, 12$ per cup is not going to suddenly enable a bunch of raging alcoholics.

Honestly they are probably going to walk off any buzz they are getting in the heat and distance if they actually want to end up spending 100+$ for 7-8 beers
FB: end of 3rdquarter....lol....that will really help keep people in seats in fourth quarter....
I love going tobama football....but....this is bad....
At least the people that sit behind us and around the sides are awesome...wont be problem there...but first drunk that spills drink on Ms50+ ...."let er rip,big boy"
I am good on the people to my left, in front and behind. The three seats to the right of my two seats, those are owned by a scalper, different people every game. Those will be the ones to look out for.
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