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bamascott2 said:
Croom probably needs to coach his O a little more and quit worrying so much about what we're doing...

He needs to show his team what an endzone looks like.


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Folks can say what they want to about Paul Johnson, but I really started following him after he was mentioned in our coaching search a few years back. He is a heck of a coach and I think he will have Tech very competitive and will probably be able to keep the Tech faithful happy. I look for them to give Georgia fits over the next few years. I'm not saying they will beat UGA, but I bet UGA won't pencil in a W at the beginning of the year.


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Just for comparison purposes, AU scores 3 points in their game against what they called a "very good defensive" team in MSU. After all, this is only the first year of the Tony Franklin system. GT had 14 against this same defense before the 1st quarter was done in the first year of the Paul Johnson system.

AU's defense will keep games close but if you can't score, you can't win most of the time.
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