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Corso really has gotten more entertaining over the years.

I have no feelings one way or the other about him picking Alabama or Florida. What he says/does has no real impact on the outcome of the game, but I enjoy College Gameday. I like Corso, sometimes like to hate him and I like Kirk.
I came home yesterday from work and the wife had one of those multiple talking heads shows on and one was mouthing off about Tebow. He said that Tebow was a great clutch player, that he was at his best in big games, that he was super in games like this.

At that point my BS alarm went off. I have no quarrel with them talking about Tebow's accomplishments, but let's keep it in the real world. In his freshman year leach was the guy and Tebow was the short yardage specialist. Let's look at the big games he played a year ago. LSU... they lost. Georgia ... they lost. Auburn ... they lost. Michigan in the bowl game ... they lost. As a matter of fact, I can't remember a single game where Tebow's heroics in the clutch won for the gators. These idiots have serious man crushes on Tebow.
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