| FTBL Corso and Herbstreit just picked Bama to have 9 Wins

If Zo steps up and plays out of his mind at NT all season, then I think 9 may be possible. I can't remember a time that we will be having to rely on the O to win the games for us as much as this year. I hope there are a bunch of gritty no-names on D that have been chomping at the bit to go out there and prove something.
If Corso thinks we'll win 9 then we'll likely lose 9. :lol:


Going into the season I thought 8 wins was very reasonable and 9 was possible. But the defense isn't what it's been in recent years and that concerns me. Now Motley is out and I really expected big things from him.

I would still put us down for 7-8 wins but it will depend on large part on whether or not the offense can win the shootouts. I think the defense will get better as the season wears on, but the schedule will also ramp up so it's hard to say if we're really gaining anything there other than experience.
I've said 9 wins all along, and up until today I was pretty confident about that. Now, however, we have the curse of Corso to deal with.
I definetly think we'll win atleast nine games. Having all but One of our biggest games at home is hugh. Plus a few of those games last year could have been wins,But redzone offense (playcalling) really hurt us. I dont see that being a problem this year.
Steelers4Life said:
But redzone offense (playcalling) really hurt us. I dont see that being a problem this year.

Excellent point. Just think if we would have converted just half of the red zone opportunities we had last season, imagine what might have been. I think Saban and Applewhite can for sure improve our red zone efficiency.

Roll Tide!!!
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